un film de Philipp Mayrhofer. (17mn)

Sélectionné à la Quinzaine des réalisateurs 2012 et à Sarajevo, Izmir, Overlook festival (Italie), Tanger, Recife, Bucarest, Vendôme.

120x160 Konigsberg A

M. Königsberg dirige une petite usine de province. Malgré sa vie satisfaisante, il est habité d’une sourde mélancolie et souffre de la réputation d’être mauvais chasseur. Quand il se rend à sa partie de chasse hebdomadaire, il décide de faire basculer son destin.

Mr Königsberg is the owner of a small paper business. Despite a satisfying life, he is haunted by a vague melancholy and suffers from a reputation as a terrible hunter. Whilst leaving for his weekly hunt, he decides to change the course of destiny.

Philippe Mayrhofer

Philipp Mayrhofer est né en 1976 au Tyrol du Sud en Italie. Il a étudié la philosophie à Vienne et à Paris, où il vit aujourd’hui. Il a réalisé deux films documentaires avant d’écrire Königsberg, son premier court-métrage de fiction.

Philipp Mayrhofer was born in 1976 in South Tyrol, Italy. He studied philosophy in Vienna and Paris, where he is still based today. He directed two documentary films before writing Königsberg his first short fiction.

“Esthetically enchanting, with a great appetite for retro-pastoral colors and dream-like settings, the propelling world of the film is from the beginning a bohemian journey, driven by a protagonist who seems to have it all. In this philosophic fairytale, the superlatives lead to unexpected consequences: happiness and fulfillment are just an early stage of melancholy, hunting is more a therapy than a hobby, and family means rather solitude, than togetherness. Music as a vivid continuum of the image, becomes the pulse of the character himself: Metti una sera a cena, performed by Florinda Bolkan, remains a remarkable leitmotif. Deeply poetized, KONIGSBERG is daringly worth-watching film, with a rare dry humor: a swirling vertigo of the self.” (Ioana Mischie, BIEFF 2012)